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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy Spring Break!

Pizza with Pres
Check out the beach in the background 

Hey everyone! Bom Dia! Hope your all having a good week.  Things where nice and busy this week (as usual) but we did have a few celebrations in store for us in the office and with investigators, which made a busy week not so stressful.  

We started off on a good note Monday night.  Getting out of the office on time to go work.  Things seem less stressful when we can leave early.  We don´t feel like we are running around like a ''chicken with our legs cut off''.  Visits always are nice especially with new investigators which was our main focus this week.  On thing that becomes hard is not having anyone to teach, which we felt like was happening as we closed last week.  Sometimes theres a lot of people that just don´t progress at all and we have to let them go.   This area can be difficult as well.  Its kinda of like working ''downtown''.  Pretty commericalized, with hi-rise buildings of offices and apartments. So that whole ''door knocking'' doesn´t happen very easily.  We have been working with a lot of references (cough, cough, thanks to the reference secretary)  which seems like their going well. We had a few of our progressing investigators at church yesterday. Including a fmaily that we are teaching.  They seem to really like the church and they told us that they are liking the visits a feel like this is something that they have always had questions about.  Wilson and his wife, Bia seem like they were already members when they walked in yesterday.  All the ward members did a good job of welcoming them.  It those satisfing comments that help a lot of missionaries.  We are planning on helping a few people this week with there various problems to get them ready for baptism. It feels like this week went by a lot faster than I thought it would  

As for a few of us we celebrated are mile stones in the mission.   Elder Loureiro, made one year on friday.  He was one excited man since he talked about it every single day last week.  Kinda like the countdown that Katie gives for her birthday, although Elder Loureiro didn´t start six months ago :)  We didn´t do to much just a few games and few hugs.  I woke Elder Loureiro up that morning with a ''body blanket'' and saying happy birthday.  I celebrated my one year in Brasil on thursday as well.  I still think about that day alot when I got my visa.  Walking down to the travel center at the Provo MTC, wondering if it was the right ''Elder Nick Anderson'' since there was 3 with that name waiting for their visas,  then figuring it was me and only having a short 14 hours til I was on a plane to New York then an overnight flight to São Paulo.  Quite the trip I must say, but I have stayed pretty organized through out the mission thanks to Mom, Dad, Emily, Brett, and Alicia helping me pack before I left for Provo.  Yes, everyone those plastic space bags are life-savers for travelers out there.  Its a strange feeling knowing that I have been here, for over a year now.  Time certainly is flying.  President and Sister Souza took the secretaries out to Pizza Hut this week for a nice little ''thanks for the hard work''.  Now I know why some come out of the Office a little heavier.  We organized the office a lot, which was one of the things President wanted done and the insentive was Pizza Hut.  Can´t blame the man for knowing how to get missionaries to organize things, food.  It was the same Pizza Hut on the beach which is always fun with President and Sister telling you ''look down at your shoes''.  

My phone just kept ringing non-stop every night we got home.  Missionaries with their questions or to pass references.  I also try to sound nice and cheery on the phone but when it starts to get late with people still calling, its gets a little difficult.  My companions said that I´m the most crazy in the office, I´m not sure what that means but they have learned to put up with my singing in the shower.  I feel like secretaries are the go to guys for every question possible about mission stuff.  The most random questions come in.  I like it though, gives me a good chance to learn new words in portuguese, which is nice.  I geuss things just keep getting better everyday.  Our companionship is doing fine.  The four-pack is still going strong and its always fun teaching with someone new every night.  We have our countdown for General Conference this week, I feel like thats like Christmas for missionaries.  

I love this work, there is not a bad day just days better than others,  I hope your all looking forward to good Conference Weekend. Remember the the words of God´s servants are speaking.  I love you all! Have a good Spring Break week!

Elder N. Anderson

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